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We are a nonprofit fighting poverty and inequity here in America and In Africa.

The “Marie Osako Foundation” started in the year 2020 when Dr. Marie Osako Djemo took the initiative to help orphans and disadvantaged families by meeting some of their basic and educational needs. Dr. Djemo, being an orphan at a very tender age of 24, understands the predicament and severity of emptiness that a child without a parent can face. She is very passionate about giving to the community to provide hope to orphans since she is working in those shoes and knows what it means to live without parent. Now that God is blessing her with the business, she is teaching these young orphans and families in need how to start their own business by providing them with an initial capital and education. 

The Foundation is striving to bring HOPE and JOY while helping the recipients understand that the HEAVENLY Father works through people to give them a bright FUTURE.

Dr. Djemo saw the blessing that unfolded from the help she provided in 2020 where some children were able to go back to school, some families were able to start their own business and move into a better neighborhood and be able to support themselves. That result encouraged her to do more. Therefore, in 2021, Dr. Djemo decided to create a non-profit organization “Jodapris Philanthropic Partners” where she could reach out to other people and businesses as she believes in the POWER of a TEAM. Together we can achieve Greater things, she said.
If you believe you have a generous heart and can help orphans and family in need, please enter join the Philanthropic Partners team. You can donate once, monthly, or annually, according to your heart desire.


JPP is open to the international community, accepting membership for individuals and organizations that can generously respond to the purpose of Marie Osako Foundation (MOF) and tackle the basic and primary need of orphans and disadvantaged families. Together MOF and JPP are working to address the international relief and development organization that seeks to end ALL forms of human poverty by going through communities and closely walking with the world’s most vulnerable people. We are a Christian faith-based organization, founded in 2021, serving in the United States and in Africa.

Our view of poverty is holistic and complex. We actively looking to partner with churches, leaders, businesses, individuals, and families to build transformational relationships and provide life-changing resources to those during unimaginable hardships. Caring for an orphan or a disadvantage family is at the heart of our mission. We believe that every human being should have an opportunity to expose their ability to freedom, hope, and joy.

Make a difference to a child’s life, by giving them opportunities for education and providing for basic life essentials. Your donation of any amount will provide tuition fees, shoes, cloths, medical aids, housing, bedding, food, and any related primary human needs. You can also partner to pray for this ministry.

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